Welcome to Yes! Pharmacy


Mbezi beach, Kinondoni, Dar es salaam

Yes pharmacy is a premium community pharmacy based in Tanzania.
For many years Yes pharmacy excelled in providing the most effective prescription and non prescription drugs.
Yes pharmacy also offers beauty products and other related consumables, yes pharmacy provides trusted pharmaceuticals to community across incomes.



Co-founded by Mr. Michael J. Urio in 2011 with the aim of providing the best pharmaceutical services close to the community.

Core Values

Yes pharmacy have adopted five Core Values that serves as guiding principles in our daily operations.

Quality product & Services

To provide best product & services  to our clients inorder to meet their aspirations client consultation is done on constant basis to ensure we are serving  in their best interest.

Customer Satisfaction

We analyze the customer needs through our competent staff that analyses and reflects on clients requirements.


Customers as well as employees are treated with integrity and ethical standards are adhered. To our customers, we endeavour  to accord then the highest level of cooperation to ensure harmonious execution of workflow.


In the spirit of customer satisfaction we embrace the spirit of time consciousness in delivering  product & Services.


We uphold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional conducts.


We are committed to professional & community services.